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How We Can Help


We are primarily a memorial grounds that lives online. We were designed to memorialize your loved ones permanently online so you never lose the photo’s, video’s and other memories. Traditional obituaries are generally around for 14 days or so and do not include the dynamic memory videos and audio and photo’s that we can now create here on Peaceful Forever.

We can also help community partners like funeral homes connect to new clients properly by having a presence on Peaceful Forever and our funeral consultants always contact community member partners first.

If you are struggling to negotiate cost effective funeral, burial and estate solutions or funeral consultants can take over and plan and negotiate everything for you. Learn more about funeral consulting today.

First Step When Your Loved One Dies


When a loved one passes away, the first thing you need to know is that you will go through the gauntlet of emotion. Expect to be grieving, experiencing anger, sadness, fear, and other very powerful emotions.

To start:

  1. Be sure to inform all who are close to you including friends, family, coworkers, bosses, etc. The best healing begins with this first step. you will be able to share memories and grieve together.
  2. Engage a funeral consultant or begin making final resting place arrangements.
  3. Gather documents including death certificates, insurance documents, tax information, mortgage information, hospital bills, and any other items you may need when meeting with your representatives
  4. Contact your key contacts like estate lawyers, insurance and financial advisors, billing companies.

Doing these first things will streamline what will be a very emotional and busy time for you and those around you. Be sure to have a calendar, keep a journal and ask questions…no matter how small.

We wish you all the best.

When experiencing loss, it is so important to be clear on all of the information that is coming at you at such a rapid pace. There will be sales people, service people, estate people, financial people and family and friends coming at you all at once. Let us help sort it all out for you with our funeral consulting.

Funeral consulting is not just about the funeral itself, it is about everything around it. We negotiate pricing, burials, memorials, and more to get you the best value in your time of need. But we also help arrange your appointments with estate lawyers and others and if need be, connect you to the right people in your community.

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